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The Client: Valeo Air Management (UK) Limited



Valeo is one of the World’s leading automotive suppliers employing more than 72,000 people over 187 sites in 29 countries and has sales in excess of €11billion. Valeo are an independent group fully focused on the design, production and sale of components, integrated systems and modules mainly for the reduction of CO2 emissions.

The Client’s - Moves and Redmodelling

In 2011 Valeo purchased a new technology from an automotive innovations company in the UK and also transitioned with it the existing expert team to develop the products for Valeo’s global market. Valeo created a new group called ‘Valeo Air Management (UK) Limited’ (VAM), and towards the end of 2011 appointed RSW Partnership to assist them in acquiring a suitable site to house their expanding technical team including setting up a bespoke Research & Development centre.

The Project

VAW required a facility that could house some 30 engineers and technical experts in a prestigious office environment, coupled with a bespoke Test & Development (T&D) centre equipped to bring the new technology to market. The offices needed to be warm & friendly with a customer facing appeal, and include purpose built conferencing facilities and rest areas. The T&D centre would require acoustically managed test rooms coupled to development laboratories and surrounded by support operations such as electronics laboratories, prototype build rooms, tool rooms, garage and workshop areas.

Timing was driven by the need to disengage the group and operations from the previous incumbent. VAM also wanted to transition their test equipment without losing valuable test time, which meant the new site had to be fully commissioned before key test rigs were transferred

The Delivery Process

RSW Partnership were engaged within a Project Executive as The Project Director and Principal Contractor to establish basic requirements such as numbers of office spaces, conferencing needs, workshop and laboratory operations, space allocations, parking etc.

RSW Partnership engaged with local Real Estate Agents to seek out suitable locations, in this instance VAM had determined they wanted to set up in the South East of the UK. Various sites were reviewed and some suitable empty units were identified in the Carnival Park area close to the Festival Leisure Park in Basildon, Essex.

RSW Partnership undertook a full condition survey of 5 different vacant units and conducted a feasibility study, including cost implications, to develop a recommendation package enabling Valeo to make an informed choice of location.

During the lease attestation process RSW Partnership negotiated with contractors to establish final detailed design layout, costing’s and sourcing agreements to assist Valeo budgeting process and to reduce lead in times.

Upon lease agreement RSW Partnership gave instructions to the domestic contractors via appropriate tender documentation to secure contracts and purchase orders enabling commencement of the construction process.

The Project Scope

To create a new R & D Centre in keeping with VAM Corporate requirements, at a new site with minimal disruption to company operations during design, construction and transition of the VAM team.

The Project had to provide:

Minimal dilapidation costs on exit of lease.

Bespoke acoustic controlled test rooms in steel construction

A purpose built secure Server room

High quality office and conference room facilities

Kitchen, tea & rest facilities

Workshop areas including light & heavy machines, garage & vehicle lifts and materials receiving

Special purpose rooms constructed in studwork including – Electrical & Prototype rooms with anti-static floors, Development laboratories and Tool room, and second kitchen area & Tea room.

All electrical services including – Single & 3 phase distribution, data cabling, Security & Fire systems, and lighting.

All mechanical services including – Fresh air make up, heating & cooling systems for offices, conference rooms and tea areas, process cooling for the Test & Server rooms, air conditioning to the workshop rooms and process extract systems for the vehicle bays and welding booths.

Acoustic control with noise suppression & dampers for the Test rooms

Design and Construction

The programme was delivered in two phases, to construct and commission

Phase 1 - office & conferencing areas

Phase 2 - workshop area including all the test rooms, laboratories and garage.

The construction programme, for the move sand installation of VAM test equipment, commenced on time and was completed and commissioned within budget and on schedule.

The Commission

Achieve sign-off of the Client’s Brief and prepare project control and delivery processes

Prepare drawings and specifications, as necessary, to ensure timely delivery and to liaise with Local Authority and Landlord Agents to obtain necessary consents

Secure Environmental and Health & Safety compliance for both the design and construction including specialist acoustic testing, means of escape etc.

Manage the commissioning of entire project

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