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The companies considered in this general case study are major “household names”.

The Clients' - moves new builds, remodelling and refurbishment

The numerous research and development programmes of works for “blue chip” companies were mostly originated by corporate or departmental needs to modernise or in certain cases move to new facilities thereby demonstrating compliance to new design, operational and safety standards and regulatory governance.

The Project

The nature and extent of these complicated “high tech” new and remodelled facilities for major International Company’s is extensive and includes laboratories, ancillary support service, offices, significant plant and equipment area with extensive internal and external infrastructure.

Good Laboratory Practice, together with relevant guidance notes to achieve welfare and containment standards was adopted as “best practice” throughout the extensive range of laboratory, office, and ancillary and infrastructure services provision.

The project scopes of works were core to all laboratory complexes with nuances in respect of sector compliance and containment ensuring people and as appropriate product protection.

RSW Partnership, in certain cases, was instrumental in site acquisition, and mostly prepared the project brief with minimum client input and obtained disparate stakeholder ”buy in”.

For major programmes RSW Partnership were engaged within a controlling Project Executive comprising the client’s purchasing officer, project manager and the RSW Partnership project director. Policy and guidance was disseminated to the project team.

In certain cases RSW Partnership was the management and engineering project team and in other cases were part of a project team.

Statutory and Regulatory permissions were obtained through environmental consultation with stakeholders

The Commission

RSW Partnership duties were aligned with their QAS, RIBA and ACE Plan of Work thereby ensuring due process throughout engagement with the professional teams.

The construction procurement methods encompassed many standard forms of contract strongly supported with contract conditions, preliminaries, particular and general specifications, design and engineering drawing.

On minor works programmes RSW Partnership acted as the Principal Contractor.

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