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The Client: Riverside View Homes Limited



Riverside View Homes Limited has been newly incorporated to develop the Rippleside Metal Works Limited site in Grays Town Centre, Thurrock Essex for residential use.

The Client’s - New Build

The site is the last Brownfield site in this quarter of Grays, Essex and it is planned to develop 150+ residential units.

The Project

EThe Thames Riverside site, historically, was part of a sprawling industrial estate which over the past 20 years has been converted for housing and amenity space. The site density compliant with the LDF is for some150+ flats.

This development is widely seen to be the last opportunity to create a cultural vision for this quarter of Grays and as such a statement build is an essential pre-requisite for this site.

The local authority and funders demand Sustainable Homes “Code Level 5 and as such a statement development has been designed to achieve the best fit onto the site whilst achieving stringent environmental standards.

The cost to develop currently exceeds revenue from sales which places on the developer the demand for a new private sector financial model.

A team of Architects and Engineers had been studying site development opportunities for some time when the demise of The Thames Gateway programme coupled with a housing downturn created the need for a suspension of the professional team.

The new Riverside View Homes Limited team comprises leading experts in housing investment and regeneration programmes who collectively shall transform this quarter of Grays.

The construction implementation shall be delivered through a traditional “Design and Build” contract

RSW Partnership are tasked to resolve the disposal “for profit” of the development to the private sector through a structured long term finance package.

The Commission

RSW Partnership has been appointed “Project Director” to procure, through acquisition, an extended site to maximise the regeneration of this quarter of Grays.

RSW Partnership shall manage and monitor the professional team.

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